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Questions about Nuisance calls and texts

What can I do about nuisance and spam calls?

Nuisance calls can be a real problem – and very upsetting. They can include:

  • Persistent sales calls from companies you’ve asked to stop
  • Silent calls, where there's no-one there when you answer
  • Abusive or harassing calls

If you’re getting nuisance calls or texts, don’t talk back or reply to the caller – as this may encourage them. You can also consider letting all your calls go to voicemail, then calling genuine callers back.

If you’re a Vodafone customer and you’re getting repeated calls, follow these steps after each one:

  1. Log the details on our nuisance call log form, which you can download  with the attachment we’ve included in this section.
  2. Call us on 191 from a Vodafone mobile (free if you’re a Pay monthly customer, 25p a call if you’re on  Pay as you go) as soon as possible so we can look up and record the caller’s details
    After you’ve reported three calls;
  3. Fill in the Nuisance Call Bureau disclaimer form (you’ll find the attachment at the end of this section)
  4. Email this along with your call log to our Nuisance Call Bureau

The Vodafone Nuisance Call Bureau is a specialist team who can give you advice on dealing with nuisance calls and texts. As most nuisance calls are a criminal offence, they might also create a case file to give to the police to start a criminal investigation.

Can I block a number?

While we can’t block particular callers, you can sometimes bar numbers with a phone’s ‘blacklist’ feature. On iOS you can find this in the Settings menu under ‘Phone’, and then ‘Blocked’.

Looking for more information?

Get helpful hints and tips from OFCOM

Find out more about the Which campaign to stop nuisance calls



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