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Questions about Vodafone 4G network

What's 4G?

Why can’t I make calls or send texts?

My friend has a different device to me and gets a better 4G signal – why is this?

I haven’t got 4G on my phone – why is that?

Does it cost more to use 4G than 3G?

Do I automatically get an entertainment pack when I have 4G?

Will my 4G phone work on other 4G networks when I go abroad?

What if I don’t want to be on 4G anymore?

What share of the 4G spectrum did Vodafone get?

Will the 800MHz 4G spectrum interfere with TV signals and what are you doing about it?

I’ve heard Ofcom are allowing mobile operators to use their existing frequencies for 4G too. What does that mean?

How can I measure what speed I’m actually getting?

What will effect my 4G signal?

What do I need to get the new 4G service?

When is 4G coming to my area?

What happens when I make a voice call – why does it fall back to 3G?

Will my data usage be more when using 4G and will there be any impact on my Wi-Fi usage?

What’s the difference between 800, 1800 and 2.6?

Your 4G logo includes HSPA+ What does this mean?

Is HSPA+ (3G) only available for 4G customers?

What actual speeds am I likely to get on 4G?

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