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Questions about Vodafone Bill Manager - help for phone users

How do I view my itemised bill on Vodafone Bill Manager?

Video transcription

  1. From the dashboard click on Usage summary report.
  2. First you will see a summary of the number of calls, duration, data volume and cost.
  3. To see a breakdown, click on the magnifying glass.
  4. This screen lets you choose how the information is displayed, simply select 'view detail' to see all your itemised calls.
  5. Your itemised calls are listed in the Usage summary report.
  6. If you click the red arrows under each column heading, this will sort the data by the relevant column.
  7. You can email, save, schedule or print the report by clicking on the relevant icon.
  8. Selecting the schedule icon enables you to set up the report so it is automatically emailed to you every time your new bill is ready.
  9. You can choose the format you want to export it in, such as CSV, Excel or PDF. Then choose Run for every new billing period, and click on the Schedule report button.

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