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Questions about Text messaging

What can I do about nuisance and spam texts?

There are two types of marketing message you might get.
The first are marketing messages from companies you know, which you've agreed to be sent. To stop receiving these, you should:

  • Reply with the word STOP
  • If they continue - forward them to 7726 (SPAM on your keypad)

The second are spam messages - texts you haven't signed up for. They're a problem, and we'd like your help to tackle them. So for spam:

  • Don't text back
  • Instead, forward them to 7726 (SPAM)

7726 is our free spam reporting service. It helps us:

  • Measure how many spam complaints are made
  • Gather evidence for regulatory authorities
  • Spot new types of spam

If you're receiving messages you haven't asked for, or there's a breach of your data protection, you can report it to the Information Commissioner's Office. Tell them:

  • The date and time you received it
  • What the message said
  • The name or number it came from

If there's no company information, the Information Commissioner's Office may not be able to follow up your complaint.

You can report messages about accident claims to the Ministry of justice Claims Regulation by email or by calling 0845 450 6858 or 01283 233 309

Debt management messages can be reported to the Office of Fair Trading



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