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Sure Signal

Questions about Features

How can I tell if my Sure Signal is working?

By looking at the lights on the device. These lights differ depending on the version of your Sure Signal:

Version 3 (4 lights) – the first light is solid red, the second and third solid white. The fourth light will be solid white when the Sure Signal is in use, and then flash white when the maximum number of people are using it at once.

Version 2 (3 lights) – the first and second lights are solid. The third will go solid when your Sure Signal is being used, and flash when the maximum number of people are using it at once.

Version 1 (4 lights)
– the first, second and fourth lights are lit. The third comes on when it’s being used.

Is my phone connected?
When your phone connects to the Sure Signal you’ll see a 3G or H symbol on your phone. If your phone’s not connecting, check its set up to receive 3G by going to your network settings and confirming that 3G is activated. Sometimes 3G is referred to as HSDPA. Check out your device support for more advice about changing your settings.

The Sure Signal is working, but I’m getting poor call quality
This could be because of your broadband speed, which can vary throughout the day. Using the internet on lots of computers or games consoles can have an effect too, so you could try switching some off. Try speaking to your internet provider – they can manage your traffic. If your internet speeds are sufficient and consistent, there could be a problem with the device - so call us free on 191 from a Vodafone mobile or 03333 040191 from landlines and other mobile networks and we’ll get it sorted for you.



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