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Questions about Taking pictures and videos

Set up your phone for picture messaging

1. Find "Personal settings"
  • Press Menu.
  • Press Settings.
  • Press Configuration.
  • Press Personal settings.
2. Create new data connection
  • If no data connections have been created:
  • Press Add.
  • Press Multimedia mgs..
  • If data connections have been created already:
  • Press Options.
  • Press Add new.
  • Press Multimedia msg..
3. Enter data connection name
  • Press Account name.
  • Key in Vodafone MMS and press OK.
4. Enter picture messaging server
  • Press Server address.
  • Key in and press OK.
5. Deactivate default data connection use
  • Press Use pref. access pt..
  • Press No.
6. Turn on proxy server
  • Press Acc. point sett..
  • Press Proxy.
  • Press Enable.
7. Enter IP address
  • Press Proxy address.
  • Key in and press OK.
8. Enter port number
  • Press Proxy port.
  • Key in 8799 and press OK.
9. Edit bearer settings
  • Press Bearer settings.
10. Enter APN
  • Press Pack. data
  • If you're on a pay monthly price plan:
  • Key in
  • If you're on a pay as you go price plan:
  • Key in
  • Press OK.
11. Select authentication type
  • Press Authentic. type.
  • Press Normal.
12. Enter username
  • Press User name.
  • Key in wap and press OK.
13. Enter password
  • Press Password.
  • Key in wap and press OK.
  • Key in wap again and press OK.
14. Activate data connection
  • Press Back three times to save the settings and return to the list of data connections.
  • Press and hold Vodafone MMS until a pop-up menu is displayed.
  • Press Activate.
  • Press Disconnect to return to standby mode.
15. Find "Msg. settings"
  • Press Menu.
  • Press Messaging.
  • Press Msg. settings.
16. Turn request for delivery reports on or off
  • Press General settings.
  • Press Delivery reports.
  • Press Embedded, Show note or Off.
  • Press Back.
17. Select setting for receiving picture messages
  • Press MMS.
  • Press MMS reception.
  • Press Autom. in home.
18. Select data connection
  • Press Configuration sett..
  • Press Configuration.
  • Press Personal config..
  • Press Account.
  • Press Vodafone MMS.
19. Save and exit
  • Press Disconnect to return to standby mode.

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